The CIO and 5G: Embracing the Future of Wireless Connectivity

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5G New Radio (NR) technology presents organizations with the opportunity to establish wireless networks that provide comprehensive, mission-critical, secure wireless connectivity. This enables digital transformation across enterprises. However, the primary challenge in implementing such deployments lies in the education required for IT departments to transition from traditional Wi-Fi solutions, which have been a part of local IT ecosystems for the past 25 years, to understanding and utilizing 5G’s capabilities.

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Local IT teams often face the constant pressure of supporting the IT infrastructure, which can make adopting new technology and mastering new concepts less appealing. When phone communications began to converge with IP networks, there was a similar barrier, as traditional PBX systems were supported by phone companies that installed and managed inbound/outbound services and delivered turnkey phone system functionality. However, as IP telephony spread across organizations of all sizes, IT departments adapted and began integrating VoIP as an essential part of daily operations.

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Similarly, private cellular networks are converging with existing private networks, pushing the integration of 5G Open RAN into IT organizations. The good news is that, just as with traditional PSTN networks, manufacturers of private 5G equipment are developing systems that consider this evolution. They offer end-to-end solutions that seamlessly connect with existing infrastructure and management tools that resemble current management tools. Companies such as Samsung, HPE, Microsoft, and AWS are all providing components or complete turnkey solutions to ease integration barriers and quickly deliver 5G value.

For IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge of LTE, 5G NR, and Open RAN, there is a growing array of resources available to help.

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At Dominion Networks, we understand the common barriers to 5G adoption, as we are traditional IT professionals ourselves. We are here to help you map out the value of 5G for your organization, free of cost. As evangelists for this new world of wireless connectivity, IoT, robotics, and massive data handling, we are committed to assisting you in embracing the future of wireless technology.

Here are a few resources for you

  1. 5G Training by An online platform offering a wide range of courses on 5G, IoT, and related technologies, suitable for professionals at different levels of expertise. (
  2. Coursera: Coursera offers various 5G-related courses, including “Introduction to 5G” and “5G Network Architecture.” These courses are taught by industry professionals and academic experts. (
  3. edX: Similar to Coursera, edX provides a selection of 5G-focused courses, such as “5G Technologies: A Comprehensive Overview” and “5G for Business Professionals.” (
  4. LinkedIn Learning: With a library of courses that cover 5G and related topics, LinkedIn Learning is an excellent resource for professionals looking to expand their knowledge. Examples of courses include “5G: The Future of Connectivity” and “5G Networks: Planning and Implementation.” (
  5. 5G World: This annual conference brings together industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers to discuss the latest advancements in 5G technology. The event provides an opportunity for networking, learning, and knowledge sharing. (

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