Construction Site Networks

In today’s construction industry, the demand for high-speed, secure internet connectivity is more pressing than ever. At Dominion Networks, we specialize in providing top-tier solutions tailored for demanding environments. Our featured product, the Inseego Wavemaker Pro FW2000e, is an enterprise-grade outdoor gateway designed to thrive in tough conditions. With dual SIM capabilities for multicarrier failover and signal aggregation, this device ensures uninterrupted connectivity.

Why Choose the Inseego FW2000e?

  • Rugged Durability: Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, the FW2000e comes encased in an IP67 ruggedized shell that shields against water and dust ingress, ensuring performance in any weather condition.
  • Easy Installation: Mountable or stackable on any structure, the FW2000e promises a hassle-free setup with extensive configuration options to meet advanced enterprise connectivity needs.
  • Mobility and Flexibility: Thanks to its 5G technology, the FW2000e can be easily relocated across different sites, ideal for short-term projects.

Gone are the days of pre-ordering circuits and enduring long lead times for internet and phone setups. The advanced internal antenna array of the FW2000e efficiently taps into the nearest 5G tower, even up to 12 miles away, ensuring robust connectivity throughout the site.

Expanding Site Connectivity with Rajant Kinetic Mesh

To further enhance site-wide connectivity, we integrate the FW2000e with Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh breadcrumb technology. Rajant’s breadcrumbs, particularly the robust Peregrine series, are engineered for dynamic, ever-changing environments and deliver continuous connectivity to keep your workforce and machinery linked at all times.

Commitment to Excellence at Dominion Networks At Dominion Networks, we believe the best network is one that operates so smoothly, it’s almost unnoticeable. Our networks are designed to be highly secure, resilient, and capable of high throughput. We handle every aspect of network installation and management, so you can concentrate on what truly matters—your business’s innovation and success. Choose Dominion Networks for a turnkey networking solution that lets you focus on the core tasks at hand.

Dominion Networks: Delivering Network Excellence Where It Counts.


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