Redefining Connectivity: The Partnership between Rajant Mesh® Wireless Networks and Dominion Networks

For the past two decades, Rajant Mesh® Wireless Networks (Rajant) has pioneered a patented mesh technology unlike anything we’ve seen. This innovation is best exemplified by the Rajant Kinetic Mesh system—an intelligent wireless solution that ensures a consistent connection, even in the most challenging environments.

A Collaborative Effort to Shape the Future

Now, Dominion Networks (Dominion), Central Texas’s premier provider of wireless infrastructure solutions, is joining forces with Rajant. Together, they will bring cutting-edge technology solutions to the region’s burgeoning industrial, warehousing, and distribution sectors.

A Perfect Fusion of Technology

Andrew Holmes, President of Dominion Networks, shares his perspective: “In the past, we concentrated on building Private LTE networks, we now realize that almost every install could have been augmented with Rajant’s kinetic mesh technology. It is not just a viable option-it is a transformative one.”

Holmes continues: “Going forward, we will actively seek opportunities to implement Rajant solutions as an essential component of a robust wireless network. They are a perfect fit for our core customer base.”


The partnership between Rajant and Dominion marks a bold new era in connectivity. By combining Rajant’s innovative Kinetic Mesh system with Dominion’s expertise in wireless infrastructure, Rajant and Dominion are positioned to revolutionize the way we connect in the most challenging environments.

This collaboration is more than a merging of technologies; it is a shared vision of a connected future, demonstrating once again that innovation thrives through collaboration.

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