The Rural Network

The agricultural industry has always relied heavily on technology to support the production and distribution of food. From precision agriculture to remote monitoring and control, wireless networks have become essential tools in the agricultural process. However, with the increasing complexity and volume of agricultural data, the demands on wireless networks are rapidly growing, and this is where Dominion Networks comes in,

We deploy affordable wireless solutions that cover large areas of land to provide the producer access to the data they need when they need it.


Dominion Networks now offers LoRaWAN as part of its farming solutions for a broad range of farming sensors. LoRaWAN technology enables low-power, wide-area networks (LPWANs) that are ideal for connecting sensors across large agricultural areas. By integrating LoRaWAN into our network solutions, we provide farmers with the capability to deploy sensors for monitoring soil moisture, weather conditions, crop health, advanced cattle tracking solutions and more, all while benefiting from the long-range, low-power consumption, and cost-effectiveness of LoRaWAN technology. This integration enhances the efficiency and productivity of farming operations while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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Dominion Networks can help your farm or ranch build broadband access to swaths of territory. These networks are designed to enable automation across the agricultural landscape and to help manage resources efficiently.

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